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Cooperation with ATRADIUS financial institution


We wanted to let you know that AS-PL Sp. z o. o. holds rational financial policies supported by ATRADIUS financial institution.

We would appreciate if you took into account in your payment procedures that all delays in liability settlement will be subject to notification in the insurer's register, and thus they may have negative impact your rating and cooperation with other suppliers.


New type of AS-PL labels


From the beginning of July, AS-PL use a new look of product labels.

Currently, they are more legible and clear. Labels also contain necessary data that comprehensively present the basic parameters of the product. The new marking allows you to analyze the product path, from the implementation process, after leaving...


Do You know?!


"Mr Alternator" informs about the changes.

Interesting information from our new friend about novelties in the offer and all changes.